Ausstellungsbeitrag Banz + Riecks Architekten Villa Mora room # 15 Venedig

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im kontext der 17. architekturbiennale ' how will we live together '
European Cultural Center _ Time Space Existence
Palazzo Mora room # 15 _ 22. mai 2021 - 21. november 2021

zero emission

We, Banz + Riecks Architekten, an architectural firm located in Bochum, Germany, and founded in 1994, create perspectives and implement strategies for buildings operated along regenerative lines without a showing of energy consumption on the annual balance sheets and with an absence of CO2 emissions.

Our focus here lies upon on a major architectural challenge posed in the present day and age.

The office’s field of action lies in the implementation of commercial and industrial structures as well as buildings housing cultural institutions, making frequent use of wood as a material, in all cases with the objective of attaining a significant reduction in energy consumption whilst covering residual energy requirements applying regenerative techniques and compensating the annual CO2 balance over the year.

The SOLVIS zero-emissions factory set up in 2001 – spread over an effective area of 8,500 square metres of space and boasting verified primary energy requirements of 0.00 KWh/sqm a – has succeeded in setting international standards.

zero emission

La Biennale Venezia 2021 ‚ How we will live together ‚

Palazzo Mora _ Strada Nova, 3659, 30121 Venezia

konzeptionelle Mitarbeit
Oktober Kommunikationsdesign GmbH _ Bochum

handwerkliche Umsetzung
Werkstätten Dickerhoff _ Bochum


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